[Odyssey-L] Minolta PS-7000 and XP

Golder, Melanie mgolder at mail.smu.edu
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We are using our PS7000 with XP, Ariel 4.1, and ILLiad/Odyssey
We do have to restart the computer every time we switch from Ariel to
Odyssey (or vice versa) or it won't scan.  

We did have to have some "eproms" in the scanner updated when we
switched computers.  I think we went to Windows XP also at that time.
Don't know if that was related to switching to XP.


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That is not true. We have our Minolta PS-7000 scanner working with Ariel
3.4 and Odyssey/ILLiad 7.2.2 on the same computer running Windows XP,
Service Pack 2. We have gotten it to work.



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>>> "Miller, Jennifer" <JGMiller at middlesexcc.edu> 3/14/2008 3:29 PM >>>

We have begun using Odyssey standalone on a computer running Windows XP.
The attached scanner is a Minolta PS 7000, and it is currently refusing
to scan.  Our IT person believes that this is because the Minolta cannot
operate with XP, period. He says he has tried updating the drivers,
etc., to no avail, and that we will have to use a separate computer
running Windows 98.  Can anyone verify that the Minolta can be used with
XP?  Thanks!


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